Book One

I'm still editing, but I've just finished the main text for my longest single manuscript. It's "finished," sure, but that's just the rough draft. Have you ever had to revise an 158,000 word term paper? I'm not even sure where to begin.

Below is an brief introduction to the story, the little bit you usually find on the back cover in the bookstore. If you like this and would like to read the story itself, e-mail me for more.


The Second War of the Worlds

Jonathan Mitchell is an artifact from the past. While he slept away the decades in cryostasis, America colonized Mars – and then abandoned the desert world to the “Marsian” rebels and their machines. Content with the blue skies of Earth, the Americans had settled into a comfortable, unchanging existence. Mars was all but forgotten.

But the Marsian machines did not forget Earth. Memory banks had recorded the ambitions that settled planets and continents. The robots knew the greatness of humanity, and they wanted it for their own.

Now Jonathan Mitchell – soldier, relic, Marsian captive – must either fight on alone, or instead surrender his soul to the machines that tamed the deserts of Mars, machines that would soon claim the whole of the Earth for their own. For if the machines are right, the Earth and Mars represent tiny specks of life in a galaxy too crowded for mere humanity.


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